Who is this guy Chijo?

Hey, all you amazing nonprofit leaders.

I am Chijo (chee-joe), full name Chijo Takeda.

I fix nonprofit websites.

I see a lot of nonprofit websites on the internet.

I'm pissed.

It's really frustrating to see so many purposeful nonprofits with broken Donation systems. Yeah, not working.

Is this broken on your website?

View your website on your phone. Do it right now. Do you see your Donate button?

Most Nonprofit sites I see have a Donate button when I visit on my laptop. It's right there in the upper right. Awesome. But when I view it on my phone it disappears. Not good.

Let's say 33% of your site traffic is coming from phones. That means 1 in 3 people don't ever see your Donation button!

What's your website's mobile traffic?

I recently ran a webinar titled, "Get more online donations." Check out the webinar recording to learn 6 steps you can take to elevate your Nonprofit site to be more engaging with your potential donors.

Chijo can FIX your website

I can help you fix your Donation button AND get more people to click it.

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Chijo Takeda nonprofit website coach